VOL.4 NO.2

Book Review



By: DM Vasudevan & Kannam Vidyanathan

Dr Vishnu Kumar

Department of Biochemistry

Era's Lucknow Medical College & Hospital, Sarfarazganj, Hardoi Road, Lucknow, U. P., India-226003

Textbook of Biochemistry for medical students including Long and Short Essay Typpe Questions, MCQs and Case Studies written by DM Vasudevan and Kannam Vidyanathan, published by Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, 4838/24, Ansari Road, Dariya Ganj, New Delhi, 110002, India, is covering entire syllabus according to latest recommendations of Medical Council of India (MCI) for teaching in Biochemistry at UG level in medical colleges which includes chemicals basis of life, organ function test, biomarkers, Basic principles of nutrition, functions and chemistry of hormones and biocatalyst, metabolism of basic bimolecules with mineral, vitamins and xenobiotics. Current Eighth edition of this book is extensively revised by DM Vasudevan & Kannam Vidyanathan, it now covers the complete syllabus with questions prescribed by the Department of Medical Education and Technology of Medical Council of India for the UG and PG courses. The book presents a detailed and dependable exposition of the basic principles and applications of biochemistry. Although it is designed as a basic textbook for the undergraduate student, it has resource material for postgraduates and advanced learners in biochemistry, medicine and para medical courses.

The topics are developed in a manner that encourages the student to develop analytical ability as well as it enhances memory-based learning. Each chapter begins with chapter at a glance which gives a bird's eye view of the content, thus these learning objectives facilitating better comprehension of the topic. At the end of each chapter, learning points, Essay and Short note Questions, MCQs, and Viva Voce Questions have been given. This is of immense help to the students preparing for various competitive examinations in India and abroad that include USMLE, PLAB, and All India MD/MS entrance examinations.The book explains the underlying biochemical mechanisms and the molecular dynamics of body function extensively. Detailed flow charts enable easy understanding, while the diagrams, tables, clinical correlates, boxes, examples and the exercises reinforce the concepts expounded in the main text. The large number of reproducible, full length colour illustrations facilitates visual exploration of the complex metabolic pathways. The tables are organized such that the essence of the chapter is covered in a nutshell, enabling a quick revision before the examination. Numerous line diagrams, in an attractive two-color format, are provided

Received on : 27-10-2017

Accepted on : 11-11-2017

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Dr Vishnu Kumar

Associate Professor,

Department of Biochemistry

Era's Lucknow Medical College & Hospital, Lucknow-226003 E-mail: Contact no: +91-8953589756

to illustrate the concepts and help the students in grasping their significance. Medical applications of biochemistry are discussed through extended examples and clinical cases. The chapters summaries help develop a concise review and aid effective learning. Key points have been highlighted and boxed at the end of each topic for quick revision of the core concepts. This book has an essence of its own both, in extent and content, definitely different from a number of already existing textbooks on Medical Biochemistry. Print has been enlarged and color pattern changed to make it more soothing to eyes. Author has successfully met the requirements of a student-centered and need-based, innovative curriculum and compiled it in right proportion with pertinent aspects of basic, applied and clinical concepts relevant to Health Sciences. The“how and why” of the health problems not only seeks to unravel underlying basic mechanisms but asking questions and discovery answers remind yet another method of active learning rather than sitting with huge books. More emphasis in this eigth edition is to systemize presentation and make reading comforting and gratifying by deleting surplus details, adding new text and figures, improvement of earlier figures, supplementing text with easy to comprehend flowcharts, without changing basic framework of the book. The questions have been framed in such a way that almost all the questions routinely asked in viva voce are covered. The answers which have been given in the book, if thoroughly prepared by students and presented in exams shall definitely obtain very good marks. The paper, printing quality and getup is world class. This book is an ideal book for our UG students and shall also be beneficial for residents for their practical teaching of UGs and for their quick revision before their own examination. The book is highly recommended for teaching of Biochemistry to MBBS, MD, MSc and paramedical students.

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